Designing process

Designing process is starting from specify the key element of the specific set. I determine what it is, e.g. a dining table or a desk. Design in a systemic way allows to Thomas Mucha furniture pieces can be developed in any direction, consistently with their line and style.

Shapes without any compromises

We give our furniture specific shapes without any compromises resulting from possible technical difficulties. Thomas Mucha furniture has the highest quality, which is reflected in product aesthetics and its technical reliability. Our goal is to produce furniture which makes our Clients feel cheerful and more balanced.

Unique of the product

Each of our product is unique, made in small series, has a serial number. For each of them we give you a certificate – a written confirmation of the authenticity – with a detailed description elements.

We do care

about their usefulness and practicality, paying attention to the right balance between unique design and product ergonomics.