Omega Furniture Set

Sailing Furniture System

Omega set, Sailing Furniture System

Omega, Sailing furniture system, Thomas Mucha design is vision of furniture inspired by an exclusive yacht. Relatively large, but light in design thanks to their form, the furniture pieces evoke positive emotions related to sailing passion.

Sailing Omega Desk

Omega desk, cabinet and wardrobe

Design: Omega desk, cabinet and wardrobe / Designer:  Thomas Mucha /
Materials: glass fiber, wood, white paint, white frosted glass (or black glossy varnish), nickel-plated brass

Omega desk white small

Desk dimensions: W-350 cm, D-180 cm, H-75 cm

Availability: on the request

The variety of high quality materials offers almost unlimited possibilities to adjust this design to a customer’s individual needs. We can make incrustations with silver, gold or platinum.

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